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I love to see your business grow

I started my career as an accountant to learn how the engine room of a business works.

I soon realised that the only way to grow a business is through people and not numbers. This and my 10 years experience in business coaching has enabled me to develop a 3-steps formula

(The Nxtlevel Success Formula) that has not only helped my clients double their revenue in 3 years, but it has given them their energy and motivation back.

They enjoy what they do again. Plus, they were able to find the balance to put their family-life back on track.

Expert business coaching in a boutique setting

 Jacques Velleman.


don’t let it run you

offering consulting and coaching

to execute on priorities towards reaching

your most important goals.

Teams not reaching their goals

Hurt your bottom line

Disengaged employees

Negatively impacts team morale

Business owners & leaders are at their whit's end

Businesss growth stagnates

What is your team not reaching their goals costing you and your organisation?

Far too many teams are struggling to execute on priorities and not reaching their goals. This cost businesses millions of Rands and leaves leaders and employees feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

Enjoy your business again

Love running your business and leading your teams again

Value-based billing

If you don't receive value, you don't pay

Double your revenue

With my guidance, some of my clients managed to double their revenue in 3 years


We run at your pace based on your time and money resources

We work with what you have

We make the best use of current assets first

Quick results.

It is imperative to gain momentum with quick results

This will be

My Promise

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Brian Van Wijk
Just Property PTA East

I have tried various training programs with well-established sales gurus to grow my business. They were good and intellectually stimulating but they were not practical. Not only is Jacques’ methods practical, but it has also created alignment and focus for me and my team.

Lena le Roux
Managing Director
Staycold International

Operating in the manufacturing industry in the current economic climate is a challenge on its own. Before working with Jacques, I really struggled with setting a platform for effective communication. We went through a period of massive organic growth and we had no visibility or focus on what really mattered. Simply put, we did not know what we did not know. With Jacques' guidance, we implemented a system that allows for clear objectives with visibility and accountability, that not only frees up time, but it is reducing frustration in all levels of the business. Now our senior team can focus on what really matters to achieve our goals.

Guy Hansmeyer
Keegor Group

Jacques is highly committed to identifying the issues in your business, rectifying these areas and focusing on long-term strategy development and execution. A valuable addition to any business – Highly recommended.

Clinton Holcroft
Serco Industries

Jacques has pushed us to identify the weak areas in our business which we have needed to address. The strategy sessions & tools he has brought to the table have helped focus us as a management team and contributed to the above market growth we have achieved these past few years that we have been working with Jacques.

Hardie Swanepoel
Founder and Director | Learn Me

Paul Merwe
Founder and CEO | WeBridge

Book a 30 minute complimentary discovery call to discuss what your current needs or challenges are and how I can best support you in solving those challenges.

Hi, I'm Jacques

I get it that running a small to medium-size business can be tough. You have the demands of customers, employees and your personal/family life. And you HAVE TO stay on course. So much depends on you. You are tired, frustrated, and don't know what to do next.


I’ve been coaching small to medium size businesses for 10 years. I am the founder of NxtLevel Business Coaching and have developed a sure-fire method to double your company’s revenue in 3 years.

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